Piers Morgan vs Ron DeSantis | The Full UNCUT Interview – YouTube

Piers Morgan is joined by Governor of Florida and potential Republican contender for White House Ron DeSantis, for an exclusive

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Piers Morgan: Why Our Leaders Don’t Tell The Truth – YouTube

Have Europe’s bishops followed the American path in choosing a leader? | Crux

Senator slams Micheál Martin’s comments on home-schooling – YouTube

“The State believes they are the super parent”: Senator Sharon Keogan slams Tánaiste Micheál Martin’s comments on home-schooling causing social

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The new politics of gender identity | Kathleen Stock – YouTube

Kathleen Stock voices her disagreement with view that gender identity is a private mental state, and elaborates further on her

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Viral Clip Reveals A Father’s Pain Over His Son’s Gender Transition  | Ep. 1134 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a heartbreaking clip goes viral showing the total devastation that gender ideology wreaks on

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U.S. Bishops Slam ‘Trans’ Surgeries, Warn Catholic Hospitals Not to Participate – CatholicVote org

It is time we started standing up to the woke mob and saying no more, says Calvin Robinson – YouTube

Irish politician’s refusal ‘to gender’ his newborn son is an act of cruelty – Catholic Herald

The Snakes Have Returned to Ireland | John Duggan | First Things

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us. Its approach recalls for me something that happened last year in Dublin involving

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