Nancy Pelosi and the Gospel of Matthew: The Audacity of Pro-Abortion Rhetoric

Jesus didn’t say anything about racism, sexism, wars of aggression, global warming, capital punishment, or even slavery. Nancy Pelosi and

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How NHS consultant beat ‘campaign’ to have him struck off for ‘abortion reversals’ | Daily Mail Online

For any NHS doctor, bringing new life into the world is an extraordinary privilege. And for Dr Dermot Kearney, smiling

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“Pro-choice” man changes mind on abortion, here’s why… – YouTube

Latest from our new Birmingham Public Education team. “Pro-choice” man changes mind on abortion, here’s why… – YouTube

With Ashes on His Forehead, Catholic President Biden Gets Asked Why He Supports Abortion – YouTube

As President Joe Biden walked to Marine One this morning heading to Wisconsin, White House Correspondent Owen Jensen asked the

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Biden Forcefully Backs Abortion in State of the Union Address| National Catholic Register

President Biden’s characterization of abortion as a “constitutional right” is a far cry from past presidents’ treatment of the abortion

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On the UK government’s plan to end “medical” abortion at home – Voice of the Family

Why sound such a cautious note after an important pro-life victory? Recent history provides the reason On the UK government’s

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Our Time to Act – CatholicVote org

The most extreme abortion bill ever introduced… Our Time to Act – CatholicVote org Our Time to Act The most

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Modernist AUSCP attacks Lepanto Institute for defending dogma

Transgender permanence is a myth

If you are new to the crazy world of gender, you’ve heard that trans is something you just know. So,

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How can you fight back against Narcissistic Woke Iconoclasts intent on rewriting our history

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