Former Paris archbishop target of sexual assault probe

17H00 vêpres du dimanche – YouTube

Messe de la Résistance le 20 novembre – YouTube

10H30 – 24 ème dimanche après la pentecôte – abbé M. Frament – YouTube

9H00 – 24 ème dimanche après la pentecôte – abbé D. Puga – YouTube

French Bishop Under Investigation for ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior Towards a Woman| National Catholic Register

The 81-year-old Franciscan religious said he had written to the woman in the summer of 2022, ‘to tell her that

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French Catholic leaders mired in sexual abuse scandals dig themselves deeper

French Catholic leaders initially played down clerical abuse, but the issue has now gone far beyond the ‘few bad apples’

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Bishops and sex abuse: who knew what and when did they know it?

Sex abuse revelations concerning a cardinal and another bishop in France have unveiled certain dysfunctions, especially how information is shared

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New Liturgical Movement: Bishop Aillet on Traditionis Custodes: Towards a Restoration of Peace?

The YouTube channel of the French Catholic magazine L’Homme Nouveau has just published an interview with His Excellency Marc Aillet,

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French church lifts veil on sexual abuse by bishops – UCA News

All the 11 former or serving French bishops will face either prosecution or church disciplinary procedures French church lifts veil

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