Update: Pope Francis to continue treatment at hospital, Vatican says – Catholic World Report

Pope Francis will continue to receive treatment after being hospitalized for a respiratory infection on Wednesday, a Vatican spokesman said

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Archbishop Gänswein indicates in new interview that many Cardinals would have been happier with Cardinal Scola as Pope

Europe’s bishops moving more progressive?: Last Week in the Church with John Allen Jr. | Crux

Pope Francis extends ‘Vos estis’ decree to counter both lay and clerical abuse – Catholic World Report

Old Romans Unscripted Ep.161 Adversus haereses – YouTube

Against heresies… The German Synodal Weg closes and Cardinals Burke and Müller demand heresy trials… meanwhile Bp Schneider calls for resistance TLM’s…

Can you criticize the Pope? How Much, How, and Up to Where? Monsignor Ics. : STILUM CURIAE

From Sydney to Germany, the theme is central to the increasingly polarized Church, writes Matteo Matzuzzi, Vatican correspondent for  Il

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INTERVIEW: Pope Francis’ Revealing Decade – Edward Pentin – YouTube

News & Issues: What You Need to Know – A Catholic Take with Joe McClane INTERVIEW: Pope Francis’ Revealing Decade

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Bishop FIRED by Pope Francis Speaks Out! – YouTube

Disney Doc Features Pope Francis’ Talk with Gen Z on LGBTQ Issues, Abortion, and More| National Catholic Register

Pope Francis’s Vatican doesn’t share Western alarm over Xi-Putin summit | Crux

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