Old Romans Unscripted: Ep 152 Veni Emmanuel – YouTube

Zelenskyy unveils crackdown on churches in Ukraine loyal to Moscow | Crux

Ukrainian authorities, after conducting raids on several parishes, announced Friday a ban on religious organizations “affiliated with centers of influence”

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Sleepwalking towards a digital society: everybody’s shuffling there and nobody’s talking about it – Gript

As the internet becomes ever more crucial to day-to-day life, the world seems to be drifting towards a world where

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Cardinal Müller Is Sounding A Lot Like Archbishop Vigano Lately – YouTube

Meet Lorie Smith, the Christian Artist With a Supreme Court Free-Speech Case| National Catholic Register

The 38-year-old graphic artist and website designer from the Denver metro area is challenging Colorado’s antidiscrimination law that she says

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Trans-substantiation – Irreverend Episode 104 – YouTube

Church of England vicars Daniel French and Jamie Franklin sit down to talk about the biggest and most relevant stories

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Britain sees surge in Satanism and devil worship – Gript

Satanism and devil worship is on the rise in Britain, according to census data released by the Office for National

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German Synodal Way Designed to Create ‘Pressure’ on the Church, Founding President Says| National Catholic Register

The German Synodal Way was designed from the outset to avoid legal sanctions while simultaneously creating “pressure” on the Church

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Exorcist Says Porn Addiction ‘An Opening to the Demonic,’ Despite German Priest’s Controversial Denials| National Catholic Register

Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, an exorcist for the Archdiocese of Washington, said that a porn addiction puts one in grave spiritual

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Leader comment: Census reality

THE national Census is a hugely valuable exercise, assembling people’s own descriptions (it must be remembered) of their identity, relationships,

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