The Theology of Demons – Fr Chad Ripperger PhD / Exorcist 2018 – YouTube

The Theology of Demons Pt1 – Fr Chad Ripperger PhD / ExorcistPt 1 of 2. Demonology, the fallen angels, demonic

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Mass of the Ages Part II

Catholic Morality Explained w/ Dr. Matthew Minerd – YouTube

Catholic Morality Explained w/ Dr. Matthew Minerd – YouTube Catholic Morality Explained w/ Dr. Matthew Minerd – YouTube

This dissertation on Vatican II influenced Rome’s decision to lift the excommunications of the SSPX bishops

LifeSiteNews has learned that this dissertation was timely and had a positive influence upon the Vatican’s decision to remove the

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3 Ways to Find PEACE from St Thomas Aquinas – YouTube

Every Argument for God [Has Not Been] DEBUNKED! (feat. WLC) – YouTube

In this video, I’m joined by Dr. William Lane Craig to respond to Stephen Woodford’s video in which he purports

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ASK FATHER: Does the commingling of the piece of the Host with the Precious Blood merely signify the Resurrection or is it a mystical reality? | Fr. Z’s Blog

On Sunday during ZedNet a question came up about the fraction rite at Mass with the commingling and how it

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We watched Drew’s video. It was worse than we thought. (Response) – YouTube

In this livestream, I’m joined by Lukas Ruegger from @Deflate to respond to a video by @Genetically Modified Skeptic. Link

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Vatican II and the Lasting Influence of Garrigou-Lagrange’s Mystical Theology | Church Life Journal | University of Notre Dame

The reason for the increase in interest in Garrigou among both non-academic Catholics and academic theologians seems clear: Garrigou has

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The Universe Looks Like a Fine-Tuned Fix| National Catholic Register

“Scripture and Tradition never cease to teach and celebrate this fundamental truth: ‘The world was made for the glory of

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