The Sacred Heart and the Priest, by Bishop Daniel L. Dolan – YouTube

Indefectible! Standing Up for the Truth

Why I am not a Sedevacantist… | Kennedy Hall

Peter Dimond’s Sedevacantism (REBUTTED)

In this episode Trent rebuts the arguments Peter Dimond made in a recent Pints with Aquinas debate on the issue

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Errors of Modern Philosophy with Fr McKenna: Hedonism & Stoicism – YouTube

Fath Stephen McKenna continues his series on the topic of philosophy speaking on two not-so-modern errors but rather philosophies that

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His Excellency, Bishop Charles McGuire, tells his story – YouTube

Bishop McGuire tells of his time as a young Catholic boy in Ohio to an international role in the footsteps

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The Last Thing Anyone Wants to Talk About – YouTube

The history of Christendom | ✠Donald Sanborn – all episodes

TR Media: Bp. Donald Sanborn: The History of Today’s Problems in the Catholic Church – YouTube

In September 2014, H.E. Bishop Donald Sanborn gave a conference in Budapest entitled “The History of Today’s Problems in the

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St. Gertrude the Great Church – 7:30 am Low Mass – YouTube

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