The Vacancy: The Catholic Church since Vatican II – YouTube

This is a video that investigates the sweeping changes in the Roman Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).

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A Chat with Novus Ordo Watch – AKA Mario Derksen – YouTube

The Crisis in the Church | The Catholic Wire Series – YouTube

Many today have seen and witnessed a crisis going on in the Catholic Church. For many, this problem consists in

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Cekada-Jenkins Debate on Thuc Bishops 9/17/02 Full debate – YouTube

Fr. Anthony Cekada and Fr. William Jenkins debate the question of whether or not the SSPV clergy are permitted to

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Father Stephen McKenna: A Journey to the Priesthood – YouTube

Father McKenna was kind enough to join the show and tell us his story. From lukewarm modern Catholicism to a

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A Valid Election, a False Pope – Part II – YouTube

Full text of the Papal Oath:In the name of the Lord and God, our Savior Jesus Christ, etc. Declaration …,

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Episcopal Consecration of the Reverend Charles J. McGuire by the Most Reverend Rodrigo da Silva – YouTube

Catholic Family Podcast Interviews Bp Sanborn

Christ The Smasher – YouTube