They Already Want YOU To Think She’s A Victim. – YouTube

Today we discuss the tragic event that recently happened in Nashville, Tennessee. Audrey Hale a female who identified as a

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Filipino drugs war victims pin hope on ICC probe – UCA News

The Covenant School transgender killer and her 6 victims | U.S. News

Members of the Nashville, Tennessee, community were still reeling in grief Tuesday as details began emerging about the six victims

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Christian Children Murdered By Trans Mass Shooter  | Ep. 1138 – YouTube

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the community is in mourning after a trans terrorist walked into a Christian school

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‘We fled the Taliban to seek refuge in Turkey – the earthquake turned our lives to rubble’

‘The worst we’ve seen in 20 years’. Why Cholera has made a terrifying come back across the globe.

Residents fall ill after oil spill in Philippines – UCA News

World faces largest surge in cholera for 20 years

Mosque ‘downplayed its links’ to Manchester Arena suicide bomber

Philippines fire victims beg for food in streets – UCA News

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