The Dispute Over the Kiev Lavra – YouTube

Pope Francis’s Vatican doesn’t share Western alarm over Xi-Putin summit | Crux

Presidents Putin and Xi meet at the Kremlin – YouTube

Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have been meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow.The Chinese leader is in Russia for

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War has exposed the questionable practice of commercial surrogacy in Ukraine – Gript

The war in Ukraine has raised awkward questions about international surrogacy and the rights of vulnerable women in conflict zones.

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THE VATICAN-UKRAINE ALLIANCE: From Francis to George Soros – YouTube

BREAKING NEWS: Announcing the name of the archbishop who will offer the most prominent Latin Mass of 2023 (The Chartres

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China, Russia and Iran set to hold joint-naval drills – Gript

China, Russia and Iran are set to hold joint-naval drills in the Gulf of Oman this week, as tensions between

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Is the Pope a hypocrite on synodality?: Last Week in the Church with John Allen Jr. – YouTube

In this episode: Pope slams traffickers as shipwreck fuels politics. Were Christians’ votes suppressed in Nigeria? 2 years into Ukraine

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His Beatitude Onuphry appeals to UN due to discrimination against UOC – News – news of Orthodoxy – the Union of Orthodox Journalists

UN Headquarters. Photo: rbc The Primate sent an appeal to the leadership of the UN in connection with the discrimination

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Here’s what American Catholics in the pews have done to help relief efforts in Ukraine – Catholic World Report

Olympics ignores Zelensky’s plea to ban Russian athletes

IOC position has been criticised by the UK government, which says the Paris 2024 Games will be used to ‘legitimise

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