Natural Family Planning: it’s time the Church shared its best kept secret – Catholic Herald

Ex-Feminist Rejects Gender Ideology (w/ Abigail Favale) – YouTube

What is the gender paradigm and how does it compare and contrast with Christianity? Should we use preferred pronouns? Can

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10 Facts That Will Make You Want to Quit P-rn FOREVER – YouTube

Objectification and using others is always wrong. But sometimes it’s also helpful to see the concrete negative effects p-rn can

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St. Catherine of Sweden Prays for Those Who Have Suffered Miscarriage| National Catholic Register

Say no to the majority: Fighting for 90% of Down syndrome babies | Voice

On the surface, Sam behaves like a typical teenager. He loves music, junk food, baseball, and hanging out with friends.

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The new politics of gender identity | Kathleen Stock – YouTube

Kathleen Stock voices her disagreement with view that gender identity is a private mental state, and elaborates further on her

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The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream – YouTube

The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream The Trad Wife Movement Hits The Mainstream – YouTube

Why is social media pushing young women to donate our eggs? | The Spectator

Defending Women Cost Me My Business – Rosie Kay – YouTube

Rosie Kay is a British choreographer best known for her show 5 Soldiers, MK ULTRA (produced in collaboration with Adam

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