Old Romans Unscripted Ep.136: “Non iudicium sed latrocinium”

Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJVPosted by

05:25 Introduction 10:15 Panel Greetings 11:13 Australian Synodal Plenary: women’s ordination 14:33 ✠Kelly; Sacred Ministry 21:14 ✠Lloyd; Vocation 26:43 Appointment of women to Congregation for Bishops 27:51 Br Stanislaus; what is coming 37:39 ✠Lloyd; Robber Synod 40:00 The “Spirit of the Council” 42.30 ✠Kelly; Spirit of Vatican II 48:55 The Holy Spirit is not the author of chaos 52:17 Br Stanislaus: Parish discernment 56:00 Spiritual Discernment/Direction 1:00:00 Peer Pressure 1:02:30 When discernment goes wrong 1:04:20 Tradition/Modernist spiritual direction 1:11:00 Modernist’s need affirmation 1:13:00 Mass of the Ages part III 1:20:00 Winding down

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