Today’s Homily: St Giles, Abbot, September 1st

St Giles, Abbot “… contemplative houses are bastions of prayer and the power generators for the Church’s outreach and mission… We are ALL called to live a life balanced by contemplation and action… We cannot love our neighbour without first loving God above all things…”

LIVE NOW The Domestic Church: “…to follow Thee more nearly…” – YouTube

✠Jerome Lloyd’s weekly exhortation to the faithful to maintain the Faith despite the crisis in the Church… This week practical ramifications and solutions for traditional Catholics in response to “Traditionis custodes”…

Today’s Homily: The Beheading of St John the Baptist, August 29th

Beheading of St John the Baptist “… the Baptist didn’t set out to be martyred, he was simply focused on the Truth… likewise should we focus on the Truth and our salvation… not be distracted by the anxieties of this fleeting world…”

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