‘Worst child abuse I’ve ever seen’: Inside trans medical scandal | Living News

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“It’s the worst child abuse I’ve ever seen.”

‘Worst child abuse I’ve ever seen’: Inside trans medical scandal | Living News
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“It’s the worst child abuse I’ve ever seen.”

That’s how Christian Post journalist Brandon Showalter describes his in-depth coverage of the transgender movement. Showalter’s new podcast docu-series titled “Generation Indoctrination” takes audiences deep into the impact this trend is having on children and families alike.

“This is a medical scandal … [kids are] being fast-tracked into a pipeline of horror,” he said, calling the movement the “greatest assault on the image of God.”

Showalter continued, “You can’t get Genesis wrong without getting the whole Gospel wrong.”

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Listen to his powerful explanation:


Among the most impacted are parents and families seeking to stop their children’s transition. Tragically, this many times leads to a familial split or other such chaos that damages and destroys lives.

“It is absolutely horrific what families are enduring when this invades their home,” Showalter said. Hear the journalist unpack episode two of the “Generation Indoctrination” podcast series here:


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