How the HR Monster Destroyed the Workplace: The Woke Mission Creep of Human Resources Departments – YouTube

On this week’s #SWYSI, Telegraph columnist Juliet Samuel joins Peter Whittle to discuss how mission creep has turned the once

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How Woke Conquered the World & Why It Threatens Democracy, Tolerance & Reason – YouTube

Wokeness has conquered our institutions. The worlds of politics, academia and even corporate capitalism now bend the knee to the

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Ukraine: Has Putin Revived A Weak & Moribund West? Why do Some on the Right Defend Putin’s Position? – YouTube

On this week’s #NCFNewspeak, we discuss the geopolitics of the Ukraine and what this means for the future of The

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How can you fight back against Narcissistic Woke Iconoclasts intent on rewriting our history

We need an Alternative/Counter Cultural Intellectual Elite to defend our civilisation

Control of Ukraine is Crucial to European Strategy but an Invasion isn’t Required to Secure Control. – YouTube

Peter Hitchens explains that Putin isn’t mad and that only an unhinged Russia would consider invading Ukraine. Invasion brings no

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GB News: Schools are Indoctrinating Our Kids – YouTube

On GB News’s “Dewbs & Co” with Michelle Dewberry, panelist Peter Whittle, director of the New Culture Forum, addresses the

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How England Could Have Europe’s Worst Free Speech Protection. + Lockdown Sceptics’ Vindication. – YouTube

As the Free Speech Union (FSU) marks its 2nd anniversary, founder Toby Young joins Peter Whittle to discuss the FSU’s

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BBC Rejects Noel Coward’s “Mad Dogs & Englishmen” For Colonial Attitudes – BBC Presenter “Explodes” – YouTube

BBC Radio 4’s legendary “Quote… Unquote” has entertained audiences since 1976. However, in December 2021, fans were dismayed to discover

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Covid is a Battle Between World Views – Pro-Restrictions Lobby are Trying to Remove Johnson – YouTube

Peter Hitchens returns to the #SWYSI sofa for a wide-ranging discussion covering Covid, #Partygate and the trials and tribulations of

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