Labour MP rebuked for claiming Jesus never spoke of sexual sins | World News

A U.K. Christian group has strongly condemned Member of Parliament Chris Bryant, a former Church of England minister and homosexual,

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Does the Christian View of Hell Make Any Sense? w/ Fr. James Rooney – YouTube

In this episode, I’m joined by Fr. James Rooney to discuss whether or not the traditional view of Hell held

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Not Afraid of Hell Anymore? Is Hell Empty? – Mother Miriam – YouTube

What’s Really Required for a “Eucharistic Revival”: Rethinking How We Approach the Holy Eucharist – YouTube

In this wide-ranging talk, I discuss the magnificent Eucharistic doctrine of the Catholic Church and highlight the good reasons standing

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I have followed with interest the ongoing debate on Traditionis Custodes and the commentary by Dom Alcuin Reid ( here ) in which he

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RORATE CÆLI: The Council and the Eclipse of God by Don Pietro Leone: CHAPTER 11 (part 1) : The Effects of Council Teaching

After having terminated his analysis of the Council and its causes, Don Pietro returns to the quotation at the beginning

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Remembering the Asian theologian of ‘bits and pieces’ – UCA News

The Keys of Jesus, Peter, and Eliakim – Timothy Rucker – YouTube

Patreon:…Podcast:… Facebook:… …Show more The Keys of Jesus, Peter, and Eliakim – Timothy Rucker – YouTube

Professor faces backlash for tweet saying God is not ‘feminine’ | U.S. News

Scientism Has a Problem — It Can’t Be Verified Scientifically| National Catholic Register

Science can measure some characteristics and reveal some physical structures, but it can never tell us what something is and

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