The Catholic Case for Intelligent Design (Guest: Jay Richards)

As Catholics we believe that God created everything out of nothing. But how He did that is the subject of

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The Collapse of Religion in 21st Century America – YouTube

This century has seen a dramatic collapse in religious practice, including Catholicism, in America. What is causing so many people

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Guiding Your Child’s Path After High School: Advice for Catholic Parents – YouTube

College or no college? Catholic college or secular college? What are the choices for Catholic young adults, and which are

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The Attack on Adoration – YouTube

Casting Down the Strange Gods – Crisis Magazine

Catholics who feel somewhat cast adrift in the choppy waters of modernism and innovation would do well to make Mother

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Conundrums About Interpretation: What Is a Catholic to Do? – Crisis Magazine

How do we properly interpret Church texts when there are so many competing interpretations of them within Catholicism today? Recently

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Sunday Mass with Young Children: Easier than D-Day – Crisis Magazine

With a sound strategy, discipline, and a little luck, corralling your kids at Mass will win a decisive victory for

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Did the New Atheists Win? – Crisis Magazine

Catholics and the Jews – YouTube

The relationship between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people has always been fraught with tension. However today Church leaders

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Is Anyone in “Full Communion” With Rome? – Crisis Magazine

The common post-conciliar understanding of “communion,” taken to its logical conclusion, often ends in absurdities. Irecently read through Pope Benedict XVI’s

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