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By consensus, the defining global event of 2022 was something many analysts feared but few forecast accurately: Russia’s all-out Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, triggering the most serious armed conflict in Europe since the Second World War.

That prognostication failure probably ought to induce a bit of caution about predictions for 2023, since the most dramatic turning points are often the ones we don’t see coming.

On the other hand, here’s the great thing about futurology: At the time you utter predictions you can’t possibly be proven wrong, and by the time it is possible to assess your accuracy, most people have forgotten what you said anyway.

Predictions are thus like what Bob Dole once said about the vice-presidency: It’s indoor work, and there’s no heavy lifting.

In that spirit, herewith my annual list of Vatican predictions for 2023.

If any of them come true, let history record you heard it here first; in the (entirely plausible) event none of them do, then I’ll quietly remove this post from the Crux site a year from now and we’ll all agree to pretend it never happened.

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Five (Cautious) Vatican Predictions for 2023 | Crux

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