The Problem with Anglican Orders ~ Michael Davies – YouTube

Convert historian Michael Davies speaking on Anglican orders & their validity from the teaching of Pope Leo XIII. The Problem

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French Catholic leaders mired in sexual abuse scandals dig themselves deeper

French Catholic leaders initially played down clerical abuse, but the issue has now gone far beyond the ‘few bad apples’

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UK Parliament vaccine debate – YouTube

A few of John’s notes on immunity, from my books, free download site, will need to cut and past this

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Poland missile strike: Footage purports to show aftermath of Russian strike on Nato territory – YouTube

Stray Russian missiles landed in Poland on Tuesday, killing two people on Nato territory, the US has confirmed. Poland missile

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The Domestic Church: lux mundi – YouTube

In this episode… “light of the world” being light in a world of darkness…

“Toxic” Mistakes about Vocations – Vocations Series #4 with Fr. McFarland – YouTube

The idea about religious vocations or vocations to the Priesthood has suffered from misconceptions, strange ideas, and just plain bad

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RORATE CÆLI: New York Times report: “Old Latin Mass Finds New American Audience, Despite Pope’s Disapproval”

An ancient form of Catholic worship is drawing in young traditionalists and conservatives. But it signals a divide within the

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BREAKING: Archbishop Timothy Broglio Elected USCCB President| National Catholic Register

The archbishop has been a staunch defender of religious-freedom protections for those serving in the military. BREAKING: Archbishop Timothy Broglio

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Theologian Demands To Know If The American Bishops Are Apostates – YouTube

Hate crimes against Christians on the rise in Europe, report says – Catholic World Report

Hate crimes against Christians are on the rise in Europe, according to a new report published this week. Hate crimes

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