Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Synod On Synodality Is Satanic Heresy – YouTube

Patrick Vallance Helped COVER UP Wuhan Lab Theory 😱 😡 – YouTube

Xi-Biden hotline & Andrew Neil on Brexit – The Week in 60 Minutes | SpectatorTV – YouTube

Cindy Yu, The Spectator’s assistant editor, speaks to chairman Andrew Neil and historian Robert Tombs about where Brexit went wrong.

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10 ways to practice gratitude with your family this Thanksgiving | Voice

This month we are entering a season which, in the United States, has been devoted to gratitude and thanksgiving for

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New Liturgical Movement: “Shortly Before Advent” – An Idea Inspired by St. Gertrude the Great

O most Loving Lord, by Thy pierced Heart, pierce her heart with an arrow of Thy love, so that nothing

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IHREC wants to “take away rights from doctors who disagree with abortion” – Gript

Doctors have sharply criticised an Irish rights body which called for pro-life doctors to be put on “an official register

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Evening Meditations for the Twenty-fourth Thursday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

St. Thomas of Villanova gives us excellent encouragement, saying: “What art thou afraid of, O sinner? … How shall He reject thee if thou desirest to retain Him Who came down from Heaven to seek thee?” Let not the sinner, then, be afraid, provided he will be no more a sinner, but will love Jesus Christ; let him not be dismayed, but have full trust; if he abhor and hate sin, and seek God, let him not be sad, but full of joy: Let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord (Ps. civ. 3).

3 Tips from St. Josemaría on How to Grow Holier at Holiday Family Gatherings| National Catholic Register

The great 20th-century saint urges Catholics to ‘reflect the Gospel’s light’ in a darkened world. 3 Tips from St. Josemaría

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Measles an ‘imminent threat’ as vaccine coverage hits record low

Head of the WHO blames the surge in missed jabs on a ‘pandemic paradox’ that caused huge setbacks in the

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Vaccinated people are now a majority of COVID deaths: analysis | U.S. News

‘No longer a pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ expert says Vaccinated people are now a majority of COVID deaths: analysis |

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